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Every mile with Andeo Rental Car is a step inside the adventure world. So let us make your mediocre travels remarkable with our car rental company. Book your ride for sophisticated trips.

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We take you to an exhilarating world of possibilities on wheels. Whether dreaming of cruising in style, unleashing your inner speed demon, or needing a reliable ride for the daily commute, Andeo Rental Car has the keys to your next unforgettable journey.


We provide you with quality transportation services with competitive pricing.


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Our fleet of quality vehicles awaits, offering you the perfect ride for any occasion. Our professional drivers can handle everything regardless of where you want to go.

Luxury cars

Indulge in the lap of luxury with Andeo Rental Car's exquisite range of luxury cars. Maximize your travel experience with elegance, sophistication, and sheer extravagance.

Sports Cars

Feel the thrill of the open road like you desire. Whether you're an enthusiastic personality or want to enjoy the taste of the fast lane, our sports cars will ignite your passion for the road.

Economy Cars

Fuel-efficient, dependable, and budget-friendly, our economy cars are ideal for everyday traveling, road trips, or any journey where you want to maximize your budget.


We aim to provide the most convenient rental experience possible, this includes delivery and/or airport pick up. We offer delivery to any address within a 50 square mile radius of our LAX mobile pick up (our location address is listed below).

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Keep hassles of navigating traffic far away from yourself

Leslie Perez
Leslie Perez
Great service. Very quick response.
S_T_R_E_TCH Peterson
S_T_R_E_TCH Peterson
Great customer service i would definitely rent from andeo again.
brian sitto
brian sitto
Amazing car rental great coustomer service was on time car was very clean and i could not have asked for anything better great price very reasonable!!! Amazing and trust worthy company will definitely be back in the future I had rented the c300.
Kayla Jones
Kayla Jones
Kerry was awesome very professional will rent from them again !! 5 Stars from me😊😊😊
Donna Benton
Donna Benton
Great peer to peer car rental. Better choices of cars. Kerry has got his act together for his biz. Enjoyed the car.
Great Service I Highly Recommend.
sary doeur
sary doeur
Kerry was so professional and very accommodating during my rental. Such an easy booking process and great rental too.
Blanca Cruz
Blanca Cruz
Rented a 2018 Toyota Camry from them. Had some mechanical issues with my corolla and thought id rent out my dream car while its in the shop. Was an amazing experience. The car was amazing, it was clean and had no issues while i was driving. The customer service was great and i was even able to extend my rental by one more day. Would def rent from them again if i needed to!

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