Andeo Rental Car was established as a way to provide a passive income wealth-building opportunity to the general public and families seeking financial freedom by the founding company, The Good Guys. The Good Guys services include Financial Literacy, Credit Repair, Business Creation, Business Credit, Estate Planning, and Wealth Building. You are here because you, like The Good Guys’ clients, have an appetite for financial freedom and passive income. Welcome to a game-changing formula that is meshed into our business model. Whether it be a vehicle or hard-earned cash, Andeo Rental Car is here to assist in growing your supplemental income.


All lenders must be vetted by The Good Guys

Can lend a vehicle or hard-earned cash (All vehicles are subject to passing inspection before approval. Any cash amount over $10,000 will need to be verified on the origin of the source.)

Must be a good person who values integrity, honor and respect

All lenders receive a minimum 15% return on lend amount to be paid in full within 20 months. All vehicles shall receive quarterly returns based on rental performance/gross cash amount generated.

Minimum lend amount: $1,000

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After hour reservations may be accepted upon request, but not guaranteed.